Working with Applause

By handling all aspects of test management and community interaction, Applause delivers maximum value to your team while adding virtually no overhead. With our comprehensive and fully managed approach, we integrate completely into your existing resources, processes and technologies, becoming an extension of your internal team.

Enterprise-Class Execution

We Steward Brands Through the Entire Testing Process

Applause executes with the speed, scale and flexibility that innovative, digital-focused brands like you expect and require. We are purpose-built to respond quickly and to stand up detailed testing programs that deliver impactful results even faster.

Through our fully managed service, we steward you through the entire process. We’ll match you with a curated testing team, led by a digital expert who is fluent in testing best practices and knows how to bring the power of our disruptive community testing approach to bear for your project – leading engagements that deliver authentic, valuable and actionable results.

We also calibrate the engagement to meet your specific objectives. We quickly learn what you are trying to accomplish – and what your customers care about – and then structure, manage and deliver the engagement in the context of those goals. Results will be delivered in both your internal language, as well as in the language of your customers – ensuring that feedback is easy to digest and understand, and immediately actionable.

Nothing Here

Interoperability, With No Overhead

Seamless Integration with Your Systems and Processes

We execute in a way that makes no demands of a brand. You neither have to rework your existing development processes, nor introduce overhead to take advantage of our solutions. Applause’s fully managed approach dovetails seamlessly with your existing systems and processes and handles every detail, and the Applause platform integrates with all standard software within your SDLC – powering the automated delivery of testing results, quickly and directly into these systems.

We have the domain knowledge, experience and resources to execute effectively on literally any remit – from massive worldwide digital utterance collections with scale volume, to sensitive pre-release device testing with complexity and nuance, to accessibility audits that assess and ensure compliance. Simply put, if you can build it, we can put it through its paces – at a rigorous pace.

Manage Testing Your Way

The Flexibility To Leverage Applause How You See Fit

While we offer fully managed services, we can also take a hands-off approach, if you prefer to manage the entire process or aspects of it by yourself. We provide the necessary tools, chat features and full access to our community and SaaS infrastructure to set you up for success.

Our SaaS infrastructure and management tools are all user friendly, such that you can easily manage any aspect of your relationship with Applause as you see fit. And our internal experts and Solution Delivery Managers are always available to provide any help you need along the way.

You can also take advantage of our Bring Your Own Testers (BYOT) feature. With BYOT, you can leverage your own internal testing resources – including employees, existing customers, friends and family – and manage all testing and results within our enterprise-grade technology platform.