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Code coverage is the pink elephant in every release cycle. Join the hundreds of Fortune 500 companies that partner with Applause to put their mind at ease when it comes to code quality on your website.

Ensure High-Quality Web Experiences with Crowdtesting

As websites mature, functionality and usability become increasingly more complex and intertwined, thus creating a plethora of challenges for web developers. Website testing must address not only browser compatibility but the myriad of ways in which your customers will want to use the website.

Crowdtesting is the most effective approach to code coverage when it comes to website testing. It provides insight about how your customers will use your website, what bugs they might find, and their expectations of your UI. Whether you are launching a new website or making updates to an existing one, in-the-wild testing delivers the rapid feedback you need to ensure you’re creating an effective and engaging web experience for your customers.

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Benefits of Website Testing with Applause

Leading brands work with Applause to ensure their web properties deliver a high-quality experience for every customer. By leveraging the global, independent uTest community of more than one million professional testers, brands can run comprehensive web testing that covers:

  • Functionality Testing: Our testers will find and report bugs that help you uncover functional issues you don’t want released to production. Whether they are internal or outgoing links that aren’t working properly, errors with submitting web forms, issues with cookie tracking, crashes, and more, you will receive feedback in real-time so you can make quick fixes and release confidently, on time.
  • User Experience Testing: Ensure your customers have a positive and engaging experience every time they visit your website. Applause allows you to create test groups that mirror your target audience and will navigate your site as your customers do. Your customers will not always take the actions that are expected of them. That’s why our testers look for navigation paths that are atypical and report any issues that would cause those users to have a poor experience.
  • Compatibility & Performance Testing: It is crucial your website displays correctly across all different devices that your targeted customers use. Applause has access to 2.4 million devices across the globe providing the scale to test and uncover bugs on any device combinations that your customers use to view your website. Crowdtesting in real-world conditions also allows you to test response times with different connection speeds, page load times and potential web crashes during peak usage times.
  • Security Testing: This is a vital concern especially when your website stores sensitive customer information or integrates with 3rd-party applications. Applause offers a team of specialized security professionals that bring you deep expertise and a diverse approach to let you feel more confident about the security of your website.

“We wanted the ability to test across browsers and platforms in a way that could save us time and money. With Applause, we were also able to test projects targeted towards specific regions and countries. We’ve been very pleased with the testing coverage Applause has provided us.”

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