Voice Testing

Ensure your devices speak human.

Achieve accurate, natural voice experiences

Build voice assistants based on real people.

Voice adoption is here to stay, and consumers now expect to have natural interactions with voice technology. When you’re developing voice technology, you need to ensure your devices speak human. But that’s easier said than done — there are an infinite number of variables and user inputs that impact the success of a voice interaction, from languages to background noise to dialects. Traditional text-based testing methods can’t account for this wide range of voice inputs.

Applause takes a different approach that ensures a human-based voice experience. The Voice Testing & Feedback Solution is an end-to-end approach to build and validate voice experiences built on and for humans. With the Applause community, we provide diverse utterances at scale to build a voice algorithm based on real people. Then, native testers will validate the outputs of your voice experience, ensuring you’re producing a meaningful and relevant interaction. With an end-to-end, human-based approach, Applause helps companies deliver exceptional voice experiences around the globe.

Dial-up your voice experiences for your customers

Applause offers a holistic solution built on best practices by Amazon and Google.

Listen to Real Voices

Validate voice experiences with real people, not machines to deliver accurate and natural interactions.

Get Utterances at Volume

Feed your voice AI algorithms with the vast volume of utterances that you can’t access yourself

Achieve Diversity at Scale

A global community of participants across any country, any language accent or dialect to promote inclusivity.

Voice Services We Test

As the global leader in voice testing, Applause offers custom solutions to test a variety of use cases across the voice landscape. Learn more about our specific testing and feedback solutions for Amazon and Google.

Leading brands rely on Applause to test the quality, functionality, and usability of their Alexa skills and AVS-enabled devices, and ensure they deliver voice experiences that meet rising customer expectations.
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Leveraging a trusted independent community of skilled software testers, Applause enables companies to test their Google Actions and Google Assistant-enabled devices from the end user’s perspective.
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Beskpoken Webinar

Voice interfaces are changing the rules of when and how consumers interact with brands. As a new and evolving field, making voice a valuable part of a customer’s experience is no easy task for organizations. In this webinar, Applause and Bespoken, will discuss the essentials for building five-star Alexa voice experiences.

Ready to Tackle the Complexities of Voice Testing?

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  • Launch Confidently: Test edge cases and complex variables to uncover critical issues before they get to the customer.

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