Test Case Management

All the benefits of robust and relevant test cases, without the work.

Test Cases Work for You, Not the Other Way Around

Finally, You Have the Resources Needed To Consistently Write and Maintain Test Cases

Testing is complex, and test cases are the backbone of a QA organization — and by extension, product quality. But the fact is, many QA teams don’t have the bandwidth to efficiently build and maintain a high volume of quality test cases.Teams without a formal test case management solution or those leveraging spreadsheets to manage their testing activities are limiting themselves from getting the full range of insights that test cases should provide. In short, far too many QA teams aren’t maximizing the value and potential of their test cases.

Today, we offer a holistic, enterprise-grade test case management solution as a feature of the Applause Platform, where we manage test cases on clients’ behalf. Applause writes, maintains, manages and executes test cases at scale, enabling clients to release quality digital assets and experiences quickly, while their QA teams stay focused on strategic initiatives.

An Enterprise-Grade Approach To Test Case Management, Done for You

Test Cases Maintained and Managed for You, Raising the Bar on Your Test Case Performance

Higher-Quality Test Cases
Build and maintain relevant, customer-centric test cases with a dedicated test case writer
Faster Time to Market
Execute test cases simultaneously for faster completion with vetted testing teams
New Level of Insights
Identify improvements to dev and QA strategies with new visibility into test case trends and performance

Your Single Source of Truth for All Test Management and Execution

Manage and Execute Your Entire Testing Suite With Flexibility and Ease

As the Applause Platform evolves and expands, we’ll continue to provide new test case management capabilities -- further advancing your testing practices and digital quality. Today, you can leverage our uTest community of digital experts for test case management. Over time, you’ll be able to use our test case management feature to manage your own internal resources and QA teams. Either way, we’ll help you stay on top of all test results, issues and fixes, all from in a single location.

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