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The State of Digital Quality 2023

While your organization may have measures and staff in place to assess your digital quality, your customers ultimately determine whether your apps are good enough, or leave something to be desired. The State of Digital Quality report looks at quality practices, defects and coverage across different industries and testing types. See how you compare.



  • The most common defects across testing types
    Do your apps crash more than most? Are your struggles with screen readers and missing translations average or off the mark? How do you prevent these defects in the first place?
  • Device coverage comparisons by region & industry
    See the average number of configurations evaluated per test, and which configurations are most frequently tested. Includes regional and industry breakdowns.
  • Digital quality frameworks for a holistic testing approach
    Learn the core capabilities and processes you need to be able to scale quality across the organization, take a holistic approach to testing and development, and deliver digital excellence.

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of all functional defects are workflow errors that can block users from completing transactions.


of organizations reported they have a dedicated accessibility expert on staff.


of survey respondents have some level of concern about bias in generative AI tools.


of localization errors in 2022 were due to poor or missing translations.

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