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The State of Digital Quality in 2023

See the most common problems with digital experiences and learn how to prevent them with our new quality frameworks.

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See insights targeted to your region or industry. Explore the most frequently tested device configurations and payment instruments, most common types of errors, and ways to improve your organization’s quality practices.




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Want to dive deeper into data and trends in your region or industry? Along with our global report, you can access reports for Europe and six key industries.

View the most likely issues to emerge during testing
The good news: Crashes account for less than 5% of all defects. The bad news: Almost 50% of functional issues are workflow errors, which can be showstoppers for customers trying to complete a specific task.

See the most commonly tested devices & configurations
Learn which devices, configurations and payment instruments are most commonly tested in your region or industry. Benchmark your testing efforts across functional, accessibility, localization and payment testing.

Assess your processes with our digital quality frameworks
Explore our new frameworks, which outline the core capabilities and processes typical of organizations at varying levels of commitment to digital quality. Identify what you’re doing well and uncover opportunities to improve.