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State of Digital Quality in B2B Software 2022

  • See how B2B software organizations can leverage digital quality as a market differentiator.
    To maintain peak employee satisfaction and productivity, companies rely on their software partners to deliver intuitive digital experiences.
  • Explore the most common issues impacting digital experiences.
    Insight from functional, accessibility, localization, customer journey and payment testing from B2B software companies around the globe calls out opportunities for improvement.
  • Learn how comprehensive testing can help B2B software companies consistently exceed user – and buyer – expectations.
    Every digital experience requires thorough testing. See how to go beyond “good enough” to create digital experiences that drive user loyalty and keep buyers coming back.

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See How Digital Quality Can Differentiate Your Business

Ever-increasing customer expectations and fierce competition mean B2B software companies can’t afford even the smallest mistakes — customers simply won’t tolerate anything less than ideal. To succeed, brands must holistically examine the customer experience. Digital strategies need to encompass the big picture and recognize that even the smallest details matter. Bugs eat away at the foundation of the customer experience. Every error, crash and flawed user experience diminishes customer delight, eventually eroding your business’ bottom line. So where do you start the journey to better digital quality?