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State of Digital Quality in Europe 2022

  • Why organisations must focus on digital quality.
    As customer expectations rise, competition intensifies and new technologies change the ways we live and work, European companies can’t afford to release less than ideal experiences.
  • The most common flaws in digital experiences.
    Data spanning industries, testing categories and regions, including more than 340,000 bugs, tens of thousands of devices, and thousands of device/OS/browser combinations revealed where websites, apps, IoT devices, mobile web and mobile apps break down.
  • What you can do to improve digital quality across multiple dimensions.
    Get concrete steps you can take to deliver better digital experiences, regardless of your organisation’s resources or maturity level.

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See How Digital Quality Can Differentiate Your Business

Who decides whether your digital experiences pass muster? It’s not your brand – it’s the end users. Maintaining strong customer relationships and engagement requires an unwavering commitment to quality… which may seem like an insurmountable task as new platforms, devices, payment methods, and technologies explode onto the market.

As testing becomes more complex thanks to rising customer expectations and new dimensions like the metaverse, cryptocurrency, AI, virtual and augmented reality, Applause analysed a portion of our testing data to get a snapshot of the state of digital quality.