Security Testing

Our approach combines the speed and coverage of specialized teams of white-hat hackers with our real-time platform to provide actionable insights into your applications security posture and how to improve it.

Reduce Risk the Right Way

Instant access to specialized security experts.

Given the frequency of cyber-attacks, security testing has become a critical component within the SDLC. Conventional approaches (think: code scanning tools and single-source assessments) only provide a partial picture of risk and exposure, and often fail to keep up with the ever-evolving harmful tactics of hackers.

Applause team-based penetration testing utilizes a diverse global team of ethical hackers to uncover more vulnerabilities than conventional penetration testing can deliver. Employing common hacker methodologies and tactics, Applause white-hat hackers provide the most authentic evaluation of risk possible, helping you cover all possible attack scenarios including business logic flaws only a human expert can discover, filling the gap left by purely software-based security testing.

Benefits of Applause Security Testing

We uncover critical security issues missed by conventional testing approaches. Finding more vulnerabilities faster allows you to ship earlier and with more confidence and to protect your brand reputation.

Deep Expertise

Instant access to hand-picked security researchers.

Diverse Approaches

Each researcher brings unique strategies to uncover vulnerabilities.

Actionable Results

All testing includes bug reports, a detailed risk assessment, and remediation plan.

Secure Platform

Results and findings are stored securely on our platform and transferred through encrypted channels.

Testing Beyond Standards-Based Assessments

Ship earlier with more confidence.

While security testing can be daunting, our experience and breadth of knowledge brings needed peace of mind. We only invite researchers who are individually assessed by our practice lead. Not to mention, we generously compensate our researchers for each uncovered flaw, driving initiative via fast and thorough results. In short: We’ll be hacking you long before hackers do, and exposing flaws well before they can be exploited.

Applause security testing begins by testing against industry standards and guidelines (like the OWASP top 10 web and mobile risks, for example). Combined with additional exploratory security testing, our assessments cover all real-world attack scenarios. Any found issues are logged and then categorized into attack types (think: SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and business logic flaws). Then, once testing is complete, a comprehensive report provides a risk assessment and covers exactly what was discovered, how to tackle it and, beyond that, how to avoid it in the future.

Oomnitza Case Study

See how IT asset management company Oomnitza drastically reduced its number of reported security issues by partnering with Applause.

Concerned About Your Security Posture?

Let us show you how crowdsourced security testing decisively outperforms traditional approaches. Simply fill out the form below, and join thousands of Applause customers who’ve been able to:

  • Reduce Risk: More frequent and thorough testing approach.
  • Protect Customer Data: Security is made a strength rather than a risk.
  • Reduce Cost: Utilizing a liquid, distributed group of researchers.

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