Transcend Your Customers’ Soaring Expectation

Deliver digital quality, ahead of the market.

Real-World Insights for World-Class Products

Get a true pulse of your customers and act on your vision.

You are the product visionary and the voice of the customer. But with your customers’ needs changing so rapidly, how can you deliver the quality products they want and expect? Product teams often lack the ability to gain the deep customer insights essential to making informed decisions, and this is where we can help.

Applause gives you confidence that your products meet your customers, on their terms. You will gain a holistic view into the performance of your manual functional and automated testing all in one place, with comprehensive and actionable insights based on testing performed at scale with real users that match your customer profiles. By going beyond lab-grown quality, you can finally transcend your customers’ rising expectations for exceptional products.

Your Customers Deserve Digital Quality

Applause provides the only enterprise-class testing platform for delivering digital quality without compromise.

Go Beyond Lab-Grown Quality

+10% proven increase in customer conversion and retention rates.

Create Without Limits

200%+ more testing capacity so that you can dream big and grow with your customers.

Accelerate Delivery Dates

25%-30% faster time to market to stay ahead of your customer needs and competitors.

See Your Products From Your Customers’ Perspective

Insights based on real-world testing empower your roadmap.

Nobody knows your customers’ wants and needs better than the customers themselves. Applause’s community-based approach matches curated testing teams to your exact demographics, so you can integrate the voice of the customer into your entire development lifecycle to improve the usability and intuitiveness of your products.

Applause testers provide actionable and unbiased feedback from an end-user’s perspective. They understand both your digital strategy as well as what your competitors are doing to deliver experiences that keep customers coming back. Applause’s full stack automation testing and integrated functional testing will boost quality while breaking up a QA bottleneck.

Master Lock Case Study

See how Master Lock evolved its products in the digital age with Applause ensuring its IoT-enabled smart locks met customer expectations across the globe.

Bring New Products to Market Faster and with More Confidence

Let us show you how we can enhance your testing strategy to improve the quality of your products. Fill out the form below to discover how you can:

  • Reduce Risk and Launch Faster: Mobilize real-world testers at a moment’s notice.
  • Increase Conversion Rates: Reduce friction in key user flows.
  • Develop More Informed Product Roadmap: Capture user feedback early and often to improve experiences.

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