Applause Teams Up With Crittercism to Improve Mobile App Quality

Partnership Empowers Companies With Industry-Leading Testing, Analytics and Mobile App Performance Management Solutions to Drive Mobile Business Growth.

Applause, the 360° app quality company, announced that it has partnered with Crittercism, the leader in mobile App Performance Management (mAPM). The joint initiative combines Applause’s mobile app testing services & tools with Crittercism’s comprehensive suite of app performance management solutions to drive mobile growth for businesses. Through this partnership, Applause and Crittercism customers can now manage the pre- and post-development performance of their mobile apps more effectively to ensure optimal quality and time-to-market.

“In today’s app economy, where switching costs have decreased to virtually zero, it’s more important than ever for companies to provide winning digital experiences that work flawlessly in the hands of users,” said Applause CEO, Doron Reuveni. “The combination of Crittercism’s mAPM tools and Applause’s mobile testing services and tools will provide the ‘outside-in’ approach to improving app quality.”

In ultra-competitive industries such as retail, media, travel, health and financial services, mobile apps are among the top drivers of top-line revenue growth. Organizations must manage the entire app lifecycle to drive mobile success and maximize the positive impact on their marketing and sales channel.

When combined, Applause and Crittercism enable organizations to ensure their apps perform well, function as expected and create an optimal user experience. Applause provides companies with access to in-the-wild mobile app testing services so they can identify and fix issues before their app goes to the app stores. Once the app is live, companies can leverage Crittercism’s best-in-class app performance management solution to gain visibility into their app’s performance, enabling enterprises to detect production problems and determine their business impact. By implementing robust testing and real-time performance monitoring, Applause and Crittercism helps enterprises deliver higher-quality apps and accelerate their mobile growth.

“The need for app performance management and testing solutions to ensure quality app delivery and speedy time-to-market is growing exponentially,” said Andrew Levy, co-founder and CEO of Crittercism. “Our partnership with Applause highlights our joint commitment to helping our customers maximize the performance of their apps, reduce development release cycles and accelerate mobile growth.”

About Applause

Applause is a world leader in testing and digital quality. Brands today win or lose customers through digital interactions, and Applause delivers authentic feedback on the quality of digital assets and experiences, provided by real users in real-world settings. Our disruptive approach harnesses the power of the Applause platform and leverages the uTest community of more than one million independent digital testers worldwide. Unlike traditional testing methods (including lab-based and offshoring), Applause responds with the speed, scale and flexibility that digital-focused brands require and expect. Applause provides insightful, actionable testing results that can directly inform go/no go release decisions, helping development teams build better and faster, and release with confidence. Digital-first brands rely on Applause as a best practice to deliver the digital experiences their customers love.

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