Applause Launches Enterprise-Grade Mobile Beta Management Offering

New mobile tool enables app publishers to manage early adopter programs and support internal “dogfooding” initiatives.

Applause, the global leader in testing, feedback and research for digital experiences, today launched its fourth major app quality offering – Mobile Beta Management. The new offering continues the company’s holistic view of app quality from the end user’s point-of-view, while breaking new ground for scale, scope and agility.

While mobile beta tools typically constrain the number of beta users or level of engagement, Applause’s Mobile Beta Management removes these limitations and enables companies to distill signal from noise to capture more actionable intelligence. The Applause Mobile Beta Management product further distinguishes itself by supporting global, enterprise-grade mobile beta programs with as many as hundreds of thousands of testers in a mobile-first framework.

“In today’s apps economy, companies need to gather user feedback before they launch,” said Applause Co-Founder and VP of Product, Roy Solomon. “These app publishers need to be sure their apps satisfy user needs. For beta programs, that means high engagement rates and comprehensive feedback that help determine whether an app is ready for launch. With Applause Mobile Beta Management, we’ve made that level of confidence accessible to everyone.”

Key features of Applause’s Mobile Beta Management include:

  • A mobile-first workflow
  • Over-the-Air Distribution – users can download with a single tap
  • Mobile NDA Management – enabling companies to protect IP and distribute quickly to users
  • Automated Session & Crash Reporting – providing insights into usage and app stability
  • In-App Feedback Reporting – streamlining the entire beta experience
  • The ability to solicit feedback from hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of your employees or early adopter users quickly and easily

“Our Mobile Beta Management offering further establishes Applause as the one-stop shop for brands who want to maximize mobile app quality – from in-the-wild testing to full-scale beta management to user sentiment analysis in production,” added Applause Chief Strategy Officer Matt Johnston. “We are simplifying mobile beta programs for companies – no more spreadsheets, no more feedback on outdated builds, no more getting buried in unintelligible noise. This is about enabling brands to delight users and launch great apps.”

Clients of Applause can access their management of all four of the company’s offerings through a 360° App Quality™ dashboard. The dashboard ties app quality data together, providing an integrated view of app quality, from development, through testing, to post-launch analysis.

The launch of Mobile Beta Management is the latest news in what has been a busy year for Applause. In January, the company announced it received a $43MM E-Round, led by Goldman Sachs. In May, Applause announced an expanded app quality offering and rebranded from uTest to Applause, and also made its entry into the EU with a major acquisition of top EU crowdtesting company, testhub (which became Applause EU). Just last month, Applause launched ARC – a free publication dedicated to providing expert analysis, information and research on every aspect of today’s apps economy – and the Ovation Awards, which celebrate the amount of applause winning apps receive from the public and experts.

About Applause

Applause is a world leader in testing and digital quality. Brands today win or lose customers through digital interactions, and Applause delivers authentic feedback on the quality of digital assets and experiences, provided by real users in real-world settings. Our disruptive approach harnesses the power of the Applause platform and leverages the uTest community of more than one million independent digital testers worldwide. Unlike traditional testing methods (including lab-based and offshoring), Applause responds with the speed, scale and flexibility that digital-focused brands require and expect. Applause provides insightful, actionable testing results that can directly inform go/no go release decisions, helping development teams build better and faster, and release with confidence. Digital-first brands rely on Applause as a best practice to deliver the digital experiences their customers love.

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