Applause Extends Partnership With Passport To Provide Highest Quality Parking And Transit Applications

Passport Leverages Applause as Part of Strategy to Deliver Premium Applications Across North America

Applause, the global leader in testing, feedback and research for digital experiences, today announced that it is extending its partnership with Passport, the industry-leading provider in mobile payments for parking and transit, to continue to offer the best user experience at all of the company’s installations across North America. Passport leverages the Applause global community of more than 200,000 professional software testers as part of a multi-tiered approach to ensure high-quality, fast and accurate experiences for users. Applause works with Passport to routinely test the Passport app to ensure the app works as intended in the cities where the company is offering or intends to offer parking, citation and transit solutions. The companies will continue to work together on new builds and continuous releases as it sees increased adoption across new municipalities.

With Passport, drivers pay for on and off street parking through the mobile app on their smartphone – no more feeding coins to meters. The Charlotte, NC- based mobile payments provider has successfully launched its industry-leading mobile payment solution in cities like Chicago, Boston, Toronto, and Detroit.

“At Passport, we’re committed to developing exceptional applications for our customers to help them get where they are going quickly,” said Passport Chief Technology Officer, Brad Powers. “We utilize a variety of best-in-class internal processes as well as the testing we do with Applause in order to deliver the best app experience for our users. We know our app works in our parking lot, but we need to make sure it also works in the multi-level city parking lot under a bridge, near the river in Toronto. Applause tests our app when and wherever we need them to, so we know it will work well across various devices and configurations.”

The company has also expanded its reach in mobile parking payment installations to include private parking operators, doctor’s office locations, universities, restaurants, and retail centers. Passport’s solutions are available in over 100 municipalities across North America, and other parking environments have taken interest in the company’s enterprise software.

Passport utilizes a multi-tiered development and QA process that includes internal testing, automated testing, and going above and beyond with additional technology solutions. Applause works with the Passport team, testing the app to make sure it works as intended in the hands of users not just in different cities, but also in specific lots and locations. With professional testers in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, Applause is able to scale up the number of testers quickly in the locations Passport needs in order to identify issues prior to launching the app. The Passport team has employed a multi-faceted approach to make sure their app is of the highest quality.

“To achieve digital success, brands need to listen to their users, because those are the ones who are engaging with the app under real-world conditions,” said Applause CMO/CSO, Matt Johnston. “This is especially true for an app like Passport. The entire Passport team cares about their users and they know the importance of making sure their parking and transit solutions work the way they need to for the millions of people looking for parking and other transit solutions in specific locations around the country. The Passport team works to make sure their users have a great experience with their app and that their commercial and municipal customers can have confidence in the solution.”

“Working with Applause enabled us to get the best quality app to market faster than we otherwise would have,” added Powers. “And the quicker we get to market, the more cities we can help solve the parking and transit issues that affect the daily lives of their residents and commuters.”

People can learn more about the PassportParking App or Passport’s mobile payment solutions by scheduling a demo with the Passport team today. The PassportParking app is free to download from the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play. Passport users can also manage their parking online at

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Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Passport is an industry-leading mobile payments company specializing in integrated urban mobility solutions. The company provides the most advanced technology that allows parking and transit agencies to manage operations more effectively and efficiently and better serve their customers. Passport’s mobile payment systems are deployed throughout the US and Canada, with clients such as Chicago, Toronto, and Boston. Passport is backed by a highly respected group of investors, including Grotech Ventures and Relevance Capital. For more information, please visit

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