Ready, Test, Go. // Episode 6

Innovating for the Common User

Feature-rich products don’t necessarily lead to widespread customer adoption. In fact, the everyday user likely prefers a stripped-down, easy-to-understand product to one that offers all the functionality under the sun. Striking a balance between speed to market, inventive products and an emphasis on digital quality can sometimes lead to a push-pull that sinks innovation initiatives.

Turns out a diverse background can go a long way toward substantive innovation — just as Gary Larkin, the Chief Strategy Officer of Marker Trax and Koin Mobile. In this podcast episode, Larkin, whose background includes marketing, graphic arts and advertising, explains why an approach to product innovation must be simple yet refined and thoughtful yet profitable — not always easy needles to thread in the global marketplace.

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On the Ready, Test, Go. podcast, brought to you by Applause, host David Carty and his expert guests will dive into all aspects of developing and testing quality digital experiences. Whether technical in nature or geared toward a particular industry, each episode explores the steps to launch five-star digital experiences.