Ready, Test, Go. // Episode 3

Why So Ceremonious?

Agile is a great way of rethinking product development. But, if all you’re doing is slapping some meetings on the calendar and calling it Agile, you won’t see real change.

As the CEO of Coveros, a consultancy, which also owns TechWell, the host of popular software engineering and testing conferences, Jeff Payne talks with experts in the field all the time. He knows their pain points and challenges — and while some progress is being made, other organizations are fundamentally struggling to enforce change.

On this episode of the Ready, Test, Go. podcast, Payne discusses what real Agile testing looks like. It’s not a ceremonious approach to a Waterfall way of working — it’s about substantive organizational change. On top of rethinking how products are developed and tested, organizations must be proactive to remove obstacles and get disparate teams working together.

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