How We Can Partner to Deliver Digital Quality

Partners turn to us to bring authentic, real-world feedback, unparalleled coverage and quality – at scale – that can’t be beat. Join us.

Offshore Testing Isn’t Enough

Ensuring the quality of a digital experience across every dimension is impossible in the lab. Add global, in-market testing to your portfolio.

Traditional offshore and outsourced service providers partner with Applause to ensure the quality of customer-facing applications. The depth and breadth of our independent uTest community’s experience, coupled with our enterprise-class platform, enables partners to leverage the scale, speed and flexibility Applause offers. Our partners turn to us to help them address the increasingly complex use cases their customers have. Applause’s Community model also offers our partners the ability to more readily scale their testing needs for both backend application testing and behind-the-firewall validation services. Applause offers our partners a new, innovative approach.

Testing at Scale in a Dynamic World

With the need to accelerate the pace of development, there is an increasing need for speed, scale and flexibility. Our independent uTest Community approach offers just that.

Development teams are being asked to deliver new releases at unprecedented speeds. At the same time, the expectations around quality have never been greater – and the cost of getting it wrong is increasingly more costly. Unlike traditional testing companies and models (including lab-based and offshoring), Applause responds with the speed, scale and flexibility that digital-focused brands require and expect, and provides actionable insight that can directly inform go/no go release decisions, helping development teams build better software and release it with confidence.

We serve as an extension of our partner’s testing teams, integrating seamlessly into existing systems and processes. We extend our partner’s capacity and reach – leveraging our global Community of independent digital experts to not only provide feedback on an application’s functionality, but to offer authentic, aggregated, real-user feedback from the perspective and vantage point of a brand’s targeted user. We do this in every possible condition, including country, local language and device configuration, as well as through the lens of a slew of demographic and psychographic data points. No other company can provide such a rich trove of mission-critical insight and learning at the speed which we deliver results.