Turn Audiences into Loyal Fanatics

Deliver the quality streaming and media experiences that keep customers devoted to your content.

Media Consumers Demand the Best From You

Deliver your global audiences consistent and relevant digital experiences

The media and entertainment landscape transforms seemingly every day. The percentage of consumers with at least one streaming video subscription has now eclipsed that of those with a traditional cable TV subscription. Audiences now expect intuitive viewing experiences that excel every time, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Applause helps media and entertainment companies transition to and maintain a digital-first experience, and ensure that customers have stellar end-to-end experiences across all devices at all times. Go beyond lab-grown quality to validate that key features, such as account sync across devices and personalization, are localized and function, while speeding up your ability to deliver new products at scale.

Engaging Experiences that Drive Allegiance

Media and Entertainment companies require the digital experiences that turn today’s audiences into loyalists. With Applause, you have the holistic testing platform needed to deliver digital and streaming media excellence, enabling you to:

Ensure seamless viewing experiences

Real-world insight equal to what audiences will actually experience

Deliver quality on any device, everywhere

Test with digital experts in the markets you care about, using real devices

Leap ahead to retain audience engagement

Proven experience testing for time-sensitive content launches

A Real-World Approach to Testing for Streaming Quality Excellence

Test with real users to find critical bugs before audiences do

Media companies must deliver exceptional and engaging experiences for their audiences. But you can’t validate this in a lab — it requires testing in the real world, with real users, on real devices.

Through our community-based approach, Applause provides custom and diverse teams of skilled, proven, independent testers that augment your internal QA efforts. Testers are sourced to match the demographics you care about, whether it be ensuring streaming quality in poor WiFi areas or validating new features with existing subscribers to your service. Testers interact with your offerings under real-world conditions across the devices and locations that are relevant to you, and identify high-impact bugs before they reach your audience.

Our approach combines exploratory testing, to discover issues stemming from unexpected usage patterns and real-world conditions, with structured testing, to ensure core features work as intended and regressions don’t slip through. The size and diversity of our community enables you to test in any country, in any language and on any region-specific device to ensure all features are localized.

Fox Case Study

Learn how FOX cut its number of critical defects in half while reducing its release cycle time by 25% with automated testing from Applause.

Are Traditional Testing Approaches Letting Your Viewers Down?

Let us show you how we can extend your team’s capabilities and improve the quality of your digital experiences for your viewers. Simply fill out the form, and join thousands of Applause customers who’ve been able to:

  • Increase Release Velocity: Kick off testing at any time and see results in hours.
  • Increase Productivity: Access qualified testing teams to scale as needed.
  • Improve Quality: Uncover critical issues before they reach viewers.

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