Applause In-Sprint Testing

Shift left faster by integrating Applause into your sprints for rapid manual testing of new features, with results available almost immediately.

Get In-Sprint Test Results Quickly

Shift Testing Left with Applause

Moving testing earlier in the software development lifecycle — known as a ‘shift-left’ approach — lets you test in smaller chunks and fail fast, which increases both development velocity and release frequency. While many development teams tackle this manual feature testing internally, you don’t need to anymore.

Applause In-Sprint Testing lets you leverage the power of testing teams sourced from our global community of digital experts, to conduct in-sprint manual testing of new features almost immediately. Using a streamlined process that integrates directly into your bug tracking system, your developers can send new features to Applause for manual testing and receive feedback with rapid turnarounds that ensure QA doesn’t grind your sprints to a halt.

A feature of the Applause Platform and part of our commitment to ensuring the quality of your digital assets and experiences, Applause In-Sprint Testing ensures every ticket in your development sprint gets the testing it needs, right when it needs it.

Benefits of Applause In-Sprint Testing

Applause In-Sprint Testing makes it easy for you and your teams to test features immediately after coding, to speed up development and release velocity.

Shift left without straining internal resources
Test frequently and in small chunks with Applause’s testing teams
Use your existing workflows
With integrations and APIs, request and receive test results directly from your bug tracking system
Avoid context switching
With fast turnarounds, your developers receive test results before moving on to a new ticket
Get multiple levels of QA
Validate requirements with mid-sprint test cases, and later conduct exploratory testing to uncover unexpected issues

Immediate Results with Ease

Simple and Streamlined Processes for Engineers

Applause In-Sprint Testing brings a streamlined process to your Applause engagement, helping you receive the mid-sprint test results you need to shift left. Once your developers finish coding a new or updated feature, they can update the ticket to a predetermined status that sends it straight to Applause and automatically creates a test case based on the feature’s requirements. With custom testing teams sourced from our global community on standby, the testing will commence immediately. Our digital experts will pass or fail the test case and report any issues, including relevant images and logs to help your teams reproduce and address the issues.

Once the test results are vetted, we send them back to your bug tracking system with a new status indicating they are ready for your teams. With this process, your teams never leave your existing systems; they get needed test results before the feature is merged into the master code or your developers move on to another feature.

Ready to Shift Your Testing to the Left?

With rapid turnaround times and the ability to test mid-sprint, Applause In-Sprint Testing enables you to move faster and release higher-quality digital assets to your end users. With Applause In-Sprint Testing, you can:

  • Speed Up Release Velocity: Get exceptional products in the hands of your end users faster
  • Close More Development Tickets: With test results ready almost immediately, your developers can close more development tickets faster
  • Save Costs: Find and fix issues sooner in the development to avoid the costs of late-stage bug fixes.