Ronja Jedro

Freelance Copywriter

Ronja is a Freelance Copywriter. She was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany and her business is still based there, although she has become a bit of a digital nomad. Her name comes from the popular children’s book by Astrid Lindgren (hence the company name She has written for startups, small businesses and the German subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company, about topics ranging from Bitcoin to Oscilloscopes and everything in between. Her favorite subjects are Architecture, China, Cultural Differences, Cyber Security, Design, Finance, Insurance, Interior Design, Languages, Language Learning, Literature, Nutrition, Piano, Psychology, Running, Teaching, and Travelling.

Ronja has experience in a wide range of copy – technical, instructional and creative, web and app content, social media captions, case studies, report writing, long-form SEO articles and blog posts.

If you are looking for the unicorn of truly multilingual copywriting, congratulations, you found one. In addition to her native German, Ronja has read, written and spoken English and Mandarin Chinese so extensively that she regularly is mistaken for a native speaker in both languages.

If you have any questions, you can contact her at or on Linkedin.

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