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Release with speed, scale and confidence.

Actionable, Holistic Insights Into Your Quality, All in One Place

Finally, you have more capacity for innovation.

You are the innovator of what’s possible at your company. But engineering teams always have too much to do and not enough people. Backlogs build up, and you simply can’t continuously and efficiently achieve the highest level of innovation and quality.

Applause’s community-based approach coupled with our enterprise-class testing platform provides an unmatched holistic view into the quality of your digital assets, and expands your reach and capacity without barriers or additional overhead. With a flexible and scalable model that meets your needs, you can build products quickly and have the confidence to commit to more innovative projects. Finally, becoming a quality engineering powerhouse is within your reach.

Achieve a Higher Level of Engineering Quality

Applause provides the only enterprise-grade, interoperable testing platform available today, helping you to release on time, each time.

Innovate Like Never Before

30%-50% fewer critical bug fixes needed, reducing your backlog of bugs and enabling you to look ahead.

Amplify your Capacity

200%+ more testing capacity, exponentially increasing your resources and ability to take on more meaningful projects.

Commit with Confidence

+150% increase in release velocity, enabling you to hit deadlines easily.

Broader Test Coverage for Fewer Escaped Defects

Continuously release higher-quality software.

With engineering budgets remaining flat or decreasing, but the amount of work constantly increasing, teams need more resources to get the work done while keeping costs low. Applause scales your test coverage with continuous manual and automated test execution while minimizing management overhead and costs.

Applause gives you access to specialized teams of hard-to-find talent anywhere in the world to increase device and location coverage, leading to fewer defects in production and less time spent on hot fixes. With a follow-the-sun model, you can source skilled testers instantly to free up your development team’s time, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives and build cool, innovative products.

Dow Jones Case Study

Discover how Dow Jones partners with Applause to uncover critical bugs, increase release velocity and provide an improved customer experience.

Improve the Speed and Quality of Your Releases

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  • Increase Release Velocity: Kick off testing at any time and see actionable results in hours.
  • Avoid Unexpected Costs: Keep overhead and costs low while improving quality.
  • Improve Productivity: Developers are kept focused on application code.

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