Digital Wallet Testing

These days it seems that every consumer brand is rolling out a digital or mobile wallet, making it difficult to differentiate your own wallet and keep it top of mind with your consumers.

Digital Wallet Testing with Applause

Consumer adoption of digital wallets has grown significantly in recent years due to the convenience they offer during a shopping experience. As new innovations and capabilities emerge in this space, consumer expectations and demands continue to rise. In order to launch a competitive digital wallet app with consumer appeal, brands must ensure they are creating a seamless and secure experience for their customers.

Leading brands leverage the Applause community of vetted and distributed testers for digital wallet testing in order to:

  • Test digital wallet payments in real-world situations with real customers
  • Test in any market and target specific customers who match your target demographics
  • Test digital transactions both in-store and online
  • Receive ongoing validation of their digital wallet or ensure a secure and seamless launch into new markets

Launch with Confidence

Digital and mobile wallet brands leverage the Applause all-in-one testing platform to ensure a confident, successful launch. With Applause, brands are able to:

  • Capture the Coveted Top of Mind spot with your customers, becoming the go-to instrument for payment transactions through functional and usability testing with testers that fit your target customers’ demographic
  • Keep Merchants’ Point of Sale (PoS) Active and accepting your digital wallet through ongoing, onsite regression testing
  • Run both Payment and Functional Tests through one solution—the Applause platform, scaling as needed to stay competitive in the market

“When the payment processing platform goes down, it could be for a reason on our side or due to a problem with a partner. The Applause team helps us isolate the problem and identify the cause to accelerate the resolution process.”

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