Applause invented the crowdtesting category in 2007, and we have been the driving force in testing and digital quality innovation ever since. We’ve helped thousands of brands deliver quality digital assets and experiences to their customers on a global scale.

What Is Crowdtesting?

Deliver Quality Digital Assets & Experiences, With the Speed, Scale and Flexibility of Crowdtesting

Crowdtesting, or crowdsourced testing, is the fastest and most flexible way to ensure you release high-quality software quickly and with confidence. Crowdtesting leverages skilled testing teams sourced from a globally dispersed community of independent digital experts, who are highly skilled and ready to stand up testing at a moment’s notice, in any language, on any device and operating system.

These testers serve as proxies for your own customers – delivering detailed, aggregated and authentic real-world feedback on the quality, user experience and functionality of your digital assets. They live, work and play in the industries and real-world scenarios that you need to test in to ensure that you deliver delightful digital experiences to your end users, the first time and every time.

Why Crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting allows you to quickly scale to support new product launches or expansion into new geographic regions, without having to hire additional staff. See how crowdtesting can help your team improve quality and speed release velocity.

Faster Innovation with Fewer Bugs

Through rapid testing and feedback, QA teams can better keep up with an increasing pace of development, while improving quality – helping you get to market faster with higher-quality digital assets.

Improved Customer Experience

Authentic feedback from real users in real-world settings helps you improve app performance and deliver better customer experiences – increasing conversion rates and driving retention.

Reduced Testing Efforts & Cost

Remote, distributed teams help you scale test coverage without the burden of additional overhead costs.

Our Approach To Crowdtesting

Deliver Exceptional Digital Assets Quickly With the Scalability and Flexibility of Crowdtesting

We engage crowdsourced testing teams matched to your exact needs in terms of demographic, location, industry, language, device/OS combination and testing expertise. This allows you to replicate real-world scenarios and test with digital experts that match your target customers. Crowdsourced testers are skilled in the full suite of testing solutions – from manual exploratory testing to accessibility and payments testing. You’ll have a primary point of contact to manage your testing projects and a dedicated team working for you behind the scenes to deliver triaged test results directly into your bug tracking system, fitting easily into your existing workflows.

The distributed, remote and on-demand nature of crowdtesting gives you unparalleled scalability and time-to-results when compared to traditional testing methods. It also delivers unmatched and nearly limitless coverage across testing scenarios. Since testers are available on demand and around the globe, you can scale testing up or down to meet the needs of your internal teams and end users. That’s why Applause is a testing best practice for digital innovators, and an integral part of every modern SDLC.

Crowdtesting ROI

Only Applause executes with the speed, scale and flexibility you require and expect – rapidly standing up detailed testing programs that deliver authentic, impactful, actionable results. That’s why we’re a testing best practice for digital innovators across the globe, and an integral part of modern SDLCs in every industry.

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Our Testing Community

Applause handles all aspects of independent tester engagement and project management for ultimate peace of mind

We shoulder the end-to-end testing management process so you don’t have to. Our client-facing and community-facing teams work directly with you to support your needs – from the initial onboarding process and test cycle kickoffs, through to collecting and triaging the aggregated test results, analyzing them and validating that issues are fixed. Throughout the whole process, we work directly with you to speed up release velocity and improve product quality.

With Applause, you always know that you have the right testing team for your project. That’s because we take an AI/ML-driven approach to tester engagement. Our AI/ML capabilities identify the best testing team for your project based on your requirements and our testers’ personal profiles. This process ensures that your testers match your ideal target audience demographics – in terms of age, location, language, device/OS and more.

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Our solutions span the SDLC providing a cohesive view into every aspect of your digital customer experience.

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Deep expertise in a variety of industries allows our test teams to quickly validate your most critical workflows.

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Coverage and scale needed to validate any digital experience, on any type of device, anywhere across the globe.

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The Essential Guide to Crowdtesting

Get the facts about crowdsourced software testing. In this guide, you’ll learn how leading brands across industries deliver better quality releases, at speed and scale.

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