Applause Codeless Automation (ACA)

All the benefits of test automation without writing a single line of code.

Automate Faster Now

Develop test automation quickly and at scale

Achieving test automation at scale is the key to moving toward a continuous deployment release cadence. But does your company have enough Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs), and do your SDETs have enough time to properly write and maintain thousands of lines of code for test automation? That’s a laborious and time-consuming process for even the most skilled SDETs.

With Applause Codeless Automation’s (ACA) modern turnkey approach to enterprise-grade test automation, you can create test scripts without writing a single line of code. ACA augments your SDETs and reduces the barrier for your organization to build test automation at scale, enabling you to quickly increase your test case coverage by empowering anyone on your team to spin up new automation quickly.

ACA is accessible for anyone, including those without coding skills. The SaaS product automatically records the user’s actions, then translates that session into an automation script – all without any effort or additional work for you or your team. ACA supports native Android and iOS mobile apps, with support for Web apps coming soon. In addition, ACA generates scripts compliant with Appium and Selenium.

Test Automation Just Got Easier to Build

Anyone can automate with Applause Codeless Automation

Expand your pool of test automation resources
Empower more people to build test automation
Mature your test automation strategy faster
Reduce the time to code from hours to minutes
Maximize coverage with minimal maintenance
Say goodbye to the days of rewriting old code

Augment Internal Teams with ACA

Let your SDETs Focus on Higher-Priority Tasks

Building up a test automation practice often takes months, and requires SDETs to focus on coding, ongoing maintenance and many other tasks on a daily basis. It is an ongoing, resource-intensive process, as automation is never truly done since it must evolve as your products and features change over time to meet consumer demands.

Applause Codeless Automation augments your teams’ capabilities by taking repeatable and time-consuming tasks off the hands of your SDETs, and enabling other team members to tackle them. This can make your manual QA testing team more valuable, and enable SDETs to focus on their many other responsibilities, including on more complex automated tests that require their skills.

Get a Demo of Applause Codeless Automation Today

Applause Codeless Automation can help you move faster, make your internal teams more efficient and save on the costs typically associated with test automation. Contact us today to get a demo of ACA, and learn how we can help you:

  • Mature test automation: Our SaaS product enables you to quickly build and mature your test automation practice
  • Release exceptional digital experiences faster: Applause Codeless Automation accelerates your release velocity and scales your test automation capabilities
  • Improve digital quality: Find and fix critical issues faster with Applause Codeless Automation