Bring Your Own Testers

With Bring Your Own Testers, you can easily manage your internal testing teams and resources using our fully managed approach, well-honed processes and best-in-class technology infrastructure. BYOT lets you scale your testing for ultimate coverage and improved quality.

Leverage Internal Testing Teams Easily

Manage Internal Resources without the Headaches

Your own teams — including employees, friends, families and other internal stakeholders — can act as an important tester group, providing valuable feedback and insights about your products before they hit the market. However, managing this process — sometimes called ‘dogfooding’ — in an effective and scalable manner can be time consuming and potentially overwhelming. Engaging testers, administering testing, monitoring progress, answering questions and triaging results can collectively take up valuable cycles best spent elsewhere.

We can help. Bring Your Own Testers (BYOT) lets you leverage the power of internal testing programs without the project management and testing administration challenges that these projects typically come with. A feature of the Applause Platform, BYOT lets you take advantage of Applause’s proven processes and enterprise-class infrastructure with your own internal testing teams.

With Bring Your Own Testers, you get all the benefits of our fully managed service, but applied to your own group of pre-selected testers. You can also pair these internal teams with skilled testing teams invited from our global community of independent digital experts, with all testing results available in a single view. We manage the setup, test execution and optional delivery of triaged results using established processes. Issues can even be uploaded directly into your bug tracking system, helping your development teams maintain a CI/CD workflow.

Tester Processes Made Easy

Our established processes, workflows and enterprise infrastructure help you deliver quality digital experiences for your customers. With BYOT, you receive impactful results quickly from your internal teams and resources. You can also leverage the skilled teams from our global uTest community for a comprehensive view of quality. Bring Your Own Testers delivers the following benefits to your organization.

Access to Applause’s fully managed service

Engage your internal teams for testing while we manage test setup and execution, along with the delivery of results.

Expanded testing results and feedback

Combine your internal resources – friends, family, test teams, customers, etc. – with Applause’s manual functional testing solution for comprehensive test coverage.

Seamless experience for your internal teams

Internal testing teams are registered and onboarded through a simple, customer-branded experience – so testing can start almost immediately

Open and Enterprise-Class Testing Platform

Your internal resources use the open and enterprise-class Applause testing platform to easily access builds, report issues with all the relevant information, upload videos and provide valuable user feedback.

Ready to Maximize the Value of Your Internal Teams?

Your internal resources can help you launch exceptional digital experiences – but they have to be leveraged and managed in the right way. Find out how Applause’s proven processes and world-class SaaS infrastructure can help you get the most out of your internal teams. Simply fill out the form below to learn how you can join Applause clients who have been able to:

  • Effectively Manage Testing Resources: Use our proven methodologies and technology to manage all testing resources and results in a single view
  • Improve Digital Quality: Uncover and resolve issues before they reach your end users
  • Get Back Nights and Weekends: Our fully managed approach saves you time and the headaches of managing internal teams
  • Expand Test Coverage: Combine your internal resources with curated teams from our community of digital experts for ultimate test coverage

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