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Blog - Manage Test Cases More Easily with Applause’s TestRail Integration

Manage Test Cases More Easily with Applause’s TestRail Integration

Enterprises manage up to hundreds of test cases to determine whether software meets requirements, from validating functionality to regression and smoke test suites. Large-scale organizations often use a variety of tools or platforms to test, which presents a challenge to keep test cases synchronized and updated.

As part of Applause’s Product Excellence Platform, our Testing Services teams write and maintain quality test cases, and we execute hundreds — if not thousands — of manual and automated test cases every day.

Many of our customers leverage TestRail, a popular test case management platform, and we recognized that syncing test cases between Applause’s enterprise-grade SaaS platform and TestRail required manual steps — which is why we’re offering an integration directly into TestRail that will make life easier for our customers who want the power of Applause’s testers combined with TestRail’s platform.

Available soon, the Applause platform will offer two-way integration with TestRail, enabling users to synchronize test cases and results between the two platforms. This integration is the latest in a series of steps for Applause to promote openness within our platform and fit seamlessly into customers’ existing workflows.

Bi-directional integration between TestRail and Applause enables you to see up-to-date test cases and results from both internal and Applause test teams. By eliminating this manual work, the user no longer has to deal with redundant effort and the risk of human error.

How does it work?

Within TestRail, a user writes the test cases to execute with the Applause uTest community. The user then goes into the Applause platform and selects the test cases to import. This action synchronizes the test case in TestRail with the one in the Applause platform. After the transfer, the test cases map to each other for consistency across platforms and quick retrieval in the future. Similarly, test case results are synchronized to TestRail.

Whether an organization has simple test cases or elaborate ones that span many devices or global regions, it might prefer to assess results outside of the Applause SaaS platform. Test result exports enable the user to click a button to send results back to TestRail for triage and evaluation.

In addition, Applause will write test cases that can easily be sent over to TestRail, enabling you to grow your test coverage by leveraging experts in the Applause community.

There’s no need to do code development using APIs — the user simply leverages the integration, and can configure it to their needs.

What’s next?

Like other TestRail partners and customers, Applause is adapting to TestRail’s recent unexpected API changes. We will update and deliver this integration soon.

In the meantime, you can work directly with Applause’s SaaS platform to add and monitor test cases as they’re being executed. Applause offers its own set of open APIs that enable you to seamlessly integrate your CI/CD pipeline with our platform. With the APIs, you can add new builds automatically, create and manage test cycles and view test results in real-time, directly from your own platforms. Applause follows enterprise best practices for APIs, including versioning and backwards-compatibility over an extended period to ensure no disruption in service for our customers and partners.

Published: May 17, 2021
Reading time: 3 min