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Blog - How K Health and Applause Are Working to Flatten the Curve

How K Health and Applause Are Working to Flatten the Curve

Telehealth organizations have been on the rise for the last few years, and in the era of COVID-19, they are now essential. People need access to health services, but going to a healthcare facility currently poses huge risks of exposure. Telehealth provides the digital means to access healthcare and even virtually speak with real physicians. When telehealth works effectively, and is easily accessible, healthcare providers can make a positive impact on the efforts to ‘flatten the curve.’

Here at Applause, we have been working with healthcare organizations such as Banner Health and Dignity Health to ensure telehealth products are working for patients and provide a smooth experience. Now we’re working with K Health as the company looks to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

K Health Takes Off

K Health was founded in 2016 with headquarters in New York and Tel Aviv. It is working to revolutionize telehealth and diagnostics with the power of AI. By leveraging several expansive medical record databases, K Health developed a dynamic AI tool that generates diagnostics results based on millions of previous cases. These results are then sent to a real physician, who interprets the results for treatment. K Health can connect patients to one of more than 10,000 medical experts who best fit their needs.

In the last two months, K Health has aimed its focus at COVID-19. With its powerful machine learning database, the K Health app is assessing patients at home, hopefully decreasing the spread of COVID-19 by giving patients access to diagnostics from the safety of their own home. In situations where patients are virtually connected with a doctor, the K Health app eliminated the need to physically enter a healthcare facility.

K Health is enabled in English and Spanish, supports patients in 47 states, and for the month of April 2020, even offered free services to all Louisiana residents. As its user numbers soar, Applause is there to scale testing and provide 24/7 coverage for the K Health app.


Applause and K Health Team Up

Applause is supporting the expansion of K Health with manual functional testing for its mobile app. With Applause testers available on any device/OS combination, and in any timezone, K Health can quickly test a wide scope of features, such as chatbots, registration procedures and visual displays. When K Health product teams needed to prioritize testing for their new COVID-19 diagnostic feature, Applause was able to quickly start the execution of a new test cycle.

For healthcare organizations working on their own, the logistics of finding and training trustworthy testers to work on telehealth products is a nightmare that can quickly drain resources. By leveraging the Applause community of trained, vetted and ranked testers, K Health quickly scaled QA testing and released the COVID diagnostics feature with confidence.

“When we needed to shift QA focus to our new coronavirus feature, all it took was one message to our Applause team,” said Scott Chesrown, COO at K Health. “Our internal team was able to focus on releasing, while Applause managed testing.”


K Health also leverages Applause for localization testing. When K Health started efforts to make its product accessible to Spanish speakers, Applause provided native speakers to ensure the translations were correct. By working with testers who match ideal demographics, K Health can see how its products perform in the hands of real people. This assures a product that is functional, intuitive and pleasant to use.

“Applause puts our product into the hands of real users across the world for testing,” Chesrown said. “Having that scope of insights and range of testing capabilities is invaluable to us.”

By bringing seamless digital healthcare experiences to mobile phones around the world, K Health is doing its part to stop the spread of COVID-19 — and Applause is here to help. Reach out to learn more about how Applause can provide the same support for your organization.

Published: May 28, 2020
Reading time: 4 min