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Shaun Foreman

Principal Program Manager of Accessibility

Shaun is the principal program manager of accessibility at Applause. He strives to drive the Applause accessibility program to the highest quality, and constantly works to improve it.

Shaun joined Applause in January 2021. He previously worked at HCL as its group program manager of accessibility, where he ran a team of about 350 accessibility compliance auditors that worked on multiple projects across several companies. Prior to that, he spent 20 years at Microsoft as a test manager, mainly focusing on web technologies.

Shaun got into accessibility as a side project while working as a test manager. About 6 months into the project, he saw the significant positive effect accessibility compliance has on many people’s lives. What started as a project quickly became a passion. In his words, “I did some pretty cool stuff in my career, but when I talk to my grandkids about what I did in the tech world, I want to say how I was a part of teams that enabled people of all abilities to use every aspect of their computer and software.”

Shaun is a father of three amazing boys, and he resides in Seattle.

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