Paul Hoffman

Senior Content Manager

Paul is a communications professional with years of experience in roles ranging from internal/external brand communications, business partner communications, comarketing with large telcos, content marketing and sales enablement. He's worked for hardware, software, systems integration and consulting firms.

Prior to his current role at Applause, Paul worked as director, marketing content and communications for Symphony RetailAI, a software provider of solutions for global retailers, largely in grocery. The biggest chunk of his career was spent at IBM in various roles including sales enablement manager for Rational Software for Asia Pacific and Japan, and content strategist for the Always-On Newsroom, part of IBM Watson Commerce.

A highlight of his career was being selected to the IBM Service Corps where local community members and IBMers collaborate on economic and social challenges that face communities around the world. Paul served on a 12-person, international team in Indore, India. They worked to improve women's health issues in local slums.

When not contributing to his hand arthritis at the keyboard, Paul enjoys cycling, climbing/hiking and spending time with his family.

For more work background, visit his LinkedIn page.

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