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James McQuillin

Sr. Manager, UX Research

James began his UX research career in 2017 and his experience includes individual contributor work as well as managing projects and global programs, building and supporting UXR and ResearchOps teams, and overseeing practice operations. As Sr. Manager of UX Research, James engages with clients and prospects to understand their needs, outline the capabilities of Applause’ global UX Research practice, and collaborates to identify where and how Applause can best support or supplement client research needs and overarching business goals.

Prior to Applause, James worked in retail technology for some time, stacking dual bachelor’s degrees in accounting and marketing and career-dabbling in both before connecting all the dots to start his own business of in-home technology teaching and training. From minor quirks to major issues, observing people struggle with technology was discouraging because technology is intended to improve, enhance, or simplify our lives. His efforts resulted in high impact for one individual at a time but was not scalable which then paved a path to the field of UX research.

Despite living in flat Florida, James loves disconnecting and getting out in nature, especially visiting national parks and hiking mountains. He is an avid fan of standup comedy and also enjoys traveling, video games and social party games, checking out local breweries, and vibing to hip hop, rock, metal, and reggae music.

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