Tech Evangelist and Solution Architect

Emerson Sklar is a former Applause employee. During his time at Applause, Emerson worked as a Senior Solution Architect. He helped to found and launch Applause voice solutions and would become Applause Director of Voice Solutions. Emerson Sklar is currently employed as Chief Evangelist for Bespoken.

Over the years Emerson has contributed his expertise in automation and voice technology to numerous publications. Examples include “Creating Superior Customer Experiences – The Challenge for Connected Cars” published by Automotive World and “The Future of Healthcare? Voice.” which was published by Health IT Outcomes. Emerson was a keynote speaker in 2018 at VOICE Summit, as well as a contributing speaker at Voice.Health 2018.

In his free time, Emerson is an active volunteer member of the Boy Scouts of America and serves as a Youth Camp Counselor. In addition to his volunteerism, Emerson enjoys cooking overly elaborate meals through science and adventure cycling when he is not working.