Daniel Knott

Mobile Testing Expert

Daniel is a mobile testing expert working as Lead Software Test Engineer at XING’s mobile team. He started his software testing career in 2003 as a trainee at IBM. After his time at IBM, Daniel studied computer science with a focus on software development and testing. Since 2009, Daniel has worked for companies such as Accenture, AOE and XING. He is experienced in several mobile test automation tools such as Robotium, Calabash for iOS/ Android, Espresso and Keep It Functional. With the help of this tools, he developed a fully automated testing environment for Android and iOS.

Daniel likes to share his knowledge and therefore he started to share his experience on his blog www.adventuresinqa.com as well as in several testing magazines. Daniel is a well-known mobile expert, a speaker at various conferences in Europe and since 2014, he is the author of the book Hands-On Mobile App Testing.

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