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Agim Isufaj

Major Account Manager at Applause

Agim helps some of Northern Europe’s leading telecommunications brands to provide seamless digital experiences for their customers. Whether it’s navigating new technologies, business models or product rollouts, Agim ensures mobile network operators release intuitive, responsive and error-free solutions that work optimally across diverse devices, geographies and use cases for all users. His expertise spans manual functional, UX, accessibility, payments and IoT testing.

Before joining Applause as a Major Account Manager, Agim spent 15 years working on complex customer requirements and building collaborative relationships across geospatial, infrastructure and financial services. For the UK market, he worked with organisations like the National Mapping Agency, National Rail and Royal Mail to develop and implement innovative digital solutions, focusing on macro- and micro-level issues that affected citizens at home and internationally. He also helped the world’s biggest global investment banks and financial institutions to implement SaaS solutions that drove key investment decisions and impacted financial markets across EMEA.

Agim holds a BA in Business and Finance from London Metropolitan University.

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