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Applause Launches Ready, Test, Go. Podcast

Digital quality isn’t one thing. It’s many things. It’s resources, practices, techniques, standards, benchmarks and commitment. And, so, the digital quality discussion never truly ends. But it must start somewhere.

Today, we launched the Ready, Test, Go. podcast, brought to you by Applause. This podcast will feature expert guests across various industries, roles and functions, all speaking to different digital quality topics. Whether technical or strategic in nature, each episode will offer a unique perspective to help guide listeners on their digital quality journey.

The Ready, Test, Go. podcast launches with three inaugural episodes. See the podcast episode summaries below:

Episode 1 — Testing in Two Days (Amy Reichert)

For software testers, it’s always crunch time. Striking the balance between effective and expedient testing isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary in our increasingly fast-moving digital world. Digital quality must never come at the expense of speed. Cutting back on quality always comes with consequences that directly affect the business and the bottom line.

Amy Reichert, freelance QA SME, tutor and writer, has made a career of testing efficiently and effectively. She’s felt the crunch, and she’s seen fellow testers thrive or collapse under the pressure.

Amy joins the Ready, Test, Go. podcast to discuss how to fit all of your testing into increasingly tight windows. She also discusses how to best work with developers to create a shared quality-first culture that benefits organizations well into the future.

Episode 2 — UX Metrics That Actually Make Sense (Inge De Bleecker)

Some businesses have absolutely no clue how to measure the user experience — and it shows. Whether they’re measuring the wrong things from the start, beginning too late in the development cycle or outright abandoning UX projects, some brands consistently fail to create a high-quality customer experience.

Inge De Bleecker, Principal UX & Conversational AI Consultant and Founder at outriderUX, has seen the best and worst of it. In this episode of the Ready, Test, Go. podcast, she talks about how to build UX awareness from the ground up. It starts with having the right voices in the room to represent the necessary perspectives, which can help organizations build out cross-functional teams and actual organizational buy-in.

She also talks about co-creating the USERindex score to measure the user experience on a deeper level for the mobile age.

Episode 3 — Why So Ceremonious? (Jeff Payne)

Agile is a great way of rethinking product development. But, if all you’re doing is slapping some meetings on the calendar and calling it Agile, you won’t see real change.

As the CEO of Coveros, a consultancy, which also owns TechWell, the host of popular software engineering and testing conferences, Jeff Payne talks with experts in the field all the time. He knows their pain points and challenges — and while some progress is being made, other organizations are fundamentally struggling to enforce change.

On this episode of the Ready, Test, Go. podcast, Jeff discusses what real Agile testing looks like. It’s not a ceremonious approach to a Waterfall way of working — it’s about substantive organizational change. On top of rethinking how products are developed and tested, organizations must be proactive to remove obstacles and get disparate teams working together.

How to subscribe to the podcast

We will release new episodes periodically in the future. Each podcast episode is available in both video and audio formats. To view video of the podcasts, visit our podcasts page or YouTube playlist. The audio format is available on many podcast platforms, including:

How to contact the podcast

We are always open to recommendations for guests and feedback on the podcast. To contact the producers, please email

Published: November 2, 2022
Reading time: 4 min

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