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10 Of The Best Blogs For Product Management

With the increasing adoption of content marketing in the past decade, hundreds of millions of blogs have been launched, and there are blogs in almost every niche imaginable. Product managers in the digital world are not left out. If they were, we’d probably scramble to find two or three top blogs in their niche. See a list of 10 of the most popular product management blogs below.

Roman Pichler

Twitter: @romanpichler

Roman is a product management expert who focuses on digital products. He’s worked with big brands like Accenture, Nokia, Salesforce, Bosch, and a host of others. He is also the author of a couple of books:

Roman knows his stuff. The two most popular posts on his blog in the past year were:


Twitter: @aha_io

Aha is a product roadmap software for product managers in software, web and technology companies.

According to his Inc profile, Aha CEO Brian de Haaff has over 20 years experience in building technology products and has been a founder or early employee of six cloud-based software companies. Brian isn’t the only writer on the Aha blog as his employees also write on the blog. They also accept guest writers occasionally.

The quality of their writing can be seen in the fact that last year, a post from his employee and another from a guest author were the two most popular posts on the blog.

The blog has several categories including company updates, career advice, company building, product roadmaps, product management and innovation. So it’s not entirely focused on product management. Make no mistake, many people visit their site to read about product management. Check the headlines of the most popular posts on the blog last year:

Sachin Rekhi

Twitter: @sachinrekhi

Sachin has spent over 15 years creating products to help people enhance their productivity. He has been product manager at Microsoft, Imeem and director of product at LinkedIn. He has also been founder of Anywhere.FM (acquired by Imeem), Feedera (acquired by LinkedIn) and Connected (also acquired by LinkedIn).

Sachin has spoken on product management at Wharton, Stanford, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, P&G and more. His blog focuses on product management and entrepreneurship.

These were the top two posts on his blog last year:


Twitter: @MindtheProduct

MindTheProduct is an international product community. It was founded by Martin Eriksson and he also has Janna Bastow and Simon Cast on the MindTheProduct team.

Martin has led product teams at Monster, the Financial Times, Huddle and Covestor. He’s now working on his book: Product Leadership: How Top Product Leaders Launch Great Products and Build Successful Teams.

Janna founded ProductCamp London, a product management conference and ProdPad, product management software. Simon is the co-founder of ProdPad and also runs ProductTank and ProductCamp London.

All three started the Mind the Product conference in 2012. The founders write on the blog, but MindTheProduct accepts guest posts from authors who are product management experts too. The team also works hard to curate product management content around the web.

These are the two most popular posts on the blog last year:

  • Product Owner vs Product Manager
  • The Product Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery and DevOps


Twitter: @cagan

SVPG (Silicon Valley Product Group) was founded by Marty Cagan. He has served as a product executive for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Netscape and eBay.

Cagan is currently a digital product management consultant, strategist, writer, consultant, speaker (has spoken at a Mind the Product conference in London) and influencer.

Chris Jones has over 25 years of experience in building and leading product teams for companies like Lookout, Symantec and Vontu. Jones founded a product agency providing services for consumer and enterprise software companies, including Netscape, Hewlett-Packard, JP Morgan and Stanford University. Cagan and Jones are the two main writers on the SVPG blog.

Here are the two most popular posts on the blog in the past year:

Product Plan

Twitter: @ProductPlan

The articles are written by the ProductPlan team, so no one person owns or monopolizes writing on the blog. They write about product management, roadmaps, product strategy, marketing, agile & development, entrepreneurship, and careers.

These are the two most popular posts on their blog last year:

Product Bytes

Twitter: @RichMironov

Rich Mironov is the guy behind Product Bytes. He is a former product executive at startups like iPass, AirMagnet and Sybase. Mironov also the author of the book, “The Art of Product Management,” a collection of the most popular posts on the Product Bytes blog from 2002-2008. He is now a software strategy and product management writer, speaker, consultant and coach.

These were the two most popular posts on his blog last year:

Product Coalition

Twitter: @Prod_Coalition

Jay Stansell is editor of Product Coalition. It features different writers who write about digital product management, product design, UX and product development.

The two most popular posts on the blog in the past year were:

Bringing the Donuts


Kenneth Norton is product partner at Google Ventures where he gives product support to startups. Before then, he was group product manager for Google where he led initiatives for Docs, Calendar and Google Mobile Maps. Before Google, Norton was vice president of products at JotSpot (acquired by Google). Before JotSpot, he was head of product management at Yahoo Search. Bringing the Donuts is his blog where he shares digital product management advice, and even product management jobs.

Here’s an article from a product manager who excelled with Ken’s advice in that post. In her words, “it was the very best thing I could have done for my first 30 days as an Associate Product Manager….In addition, I shared the results with my product management team and it brought out a lively conversation that helped move our whole team forward.”

Go read the two most popular posts on his blog in the past year:


Twitter: @uservoice

UserVoice is a product feedback management software. It has four categories on the blog including product management, customer support, product updates and talks. The content team is made up of employees who post their insights in the four categories mentioned above.

Here are the two most popular articles on UserVoice

Product management in the digital world is constantly changing and moving forward. You need to keep abreast of these changes and hold on to best practices.

Published: May 31, 2017
Reading time: 7 min

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