Augmented / Virtual Reality Testing

As augmented and virtual reality continues to evolve, companies are faced with the challenge of incorporating this unique technology into their digital platforms in a way that enhances the overall customer experience and not detracts from it.

Crowdtesting is the Only Viable Solution to AR/VR Testing

With an increasingly competitive consumer landscape, brands are continuously trying to differentiate themselves and drive more customer engagement. Many are looking to AR and VR technology, but with an evolving technology, it can be difficult to understand how to use it without stumbling a bit first.

Understanding the best use cases for AR and VR isn’t the only obstacle for companies. Another major challenge is testing. By definition, VR (and sometimes AR) have an immersive component to them, which makes any automated or lab testing of the technology ineffective.

Benefits of AR/VR Testing with Applause

In order to deliver a highly engaging and differentiated AR/VR experience, leading brands work with Applause to build a comprehensive testing strategy that includes:

  • Functional Testing: With a global community of more than one million digital experts, Applause can find seasoned QA testers to run exploratory tests and test case executions, integrating fully into your SDLC release cadence.
  • Usability Testing: Run pre-production testing with testers that fit your target demographic to determine whether the use case you selected for AR or VR makes sense for your audience. Receive actionable feedback about how users interact with your technology.
  • Hardware Testing: VR typically needs a separate hardware component to work. Leverage Applause’s community to make sure the device is working properly, fits on the body of your target demographic, and is compatible with other software and devices needed to run the simulation.
  • Immersive Testing: Learn whether your VR causes too much motion sickness or is not immersive enough. Applause can provide recommendations on the physical environment, such as how much open space is needed around an individual using VR.
  • Holistic Testing Approach: Applause customers love working with us because we are the experts in real-world testing. When working with next generation technology like augmented reality and virtual reality, the most important, yet hardest component of testing is the human element. Work with Applause and the human element becomes the easiest part.

“Using this feature in a suburb and residential neighborhood is quite a different experience than using it in a more urban environment where you have multiple properties within the same building. Applause was really key to get sufficient field testing for this particular product.”

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