An Enterprise-Grade Testing Platform

The Applause platform was built from the start for speed, scale and flexibility.

Designed With Agile in Mind

Built to align with the rapid cadence of CI/CD, and to interoperate with all standard software.

We enable the testing and digital quality process with the Applause platform, which was built from the start for speed, scale, security and enterprise-class performance. Our platform is open, interoperable and integrates with all standard development tools, environments and systems – including APIs, bug tracking and bug fix verification systems. The Applause platform was designed to align with the rapid cadence of CI/CD, and to dovetail seamlessly into your existing pipeline and workflow. And our Applause Quality Score (AQS) helps you track and improve quality over time, by evaluating your release readiness build over build.

Our platform also drives the Community processes of tester engagement and payments, and is the foundation on which we deliver a slew of products and features that brands can deploy as their needs fit. From full stack automation testing, to test case management, to supporting specialized testing teams, the Applause platform delivers the level of enterprise scale and flexibility brands depend on.

An Extension of Your Team

Integrates seamlessly into existing systems, with no overhead.

Applause becomes a dynamic extension of your development team, integrating seamlessly into existing systems and processes, without adding complexity or overhead. We become intimately familiar with your existing workflow – developing deep, detailed knowledge of roadmaps, release cadences, sprints and apps, as well as the critically important factors that impact the success of your apps and other digital assets.

We actively improve your release velocity – bringing to bear our years of experience in solving the most challenging testing and digital quality problems – and can show you what is possible in improving your apps’ chances for success right out of the gate. We extend your development team’s resources – providing you with the actionable insight to build better software, and to release quicker and with more confidence.

Expertise at Every Step of Your SDLC

Applause helps guide your testing process – from test set-up to measuring and reporting on outcomes – to speed up your testing and improve the quality of your digital assets.

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