Applause for Amazon Alexa

Applause voice testing services are built off best practices from Amazon’s AVS and Alexa skills certifications. Test your Alexa skills, Alexa-enabled devices, and third party integrations with real voices on real devices around the world.

Deliver High-Quality Alexa Experiences

Custom solutions to meet your testing needs.

Powered by a trusted global community of more than one million digital experts, Applause offers a full range of software testing and feedback services for Alexa skills, AVS and third party integrations. Our unique real-world approach enables you to test across virtually any connected scenario, allowing you to ship high-quality Alexa-enabled software that customers love – at a pace and cost in-house labs simply can’t match.

Testing for Alexa Skills

Test with real voices on real devices around the world.

Applause is recognized by Amazon as a preferred testing partner for Alexa skills. Applause provides functional testing, dialogue verification, usability testing, and payment testing at scale to help developers build and launch skills that improve customer experience and engagement.

Testing for AVS

Deliver intuitive and rewarding hands-free experiences.

Alexa consumers expect a high-quality and consistent experience no matter what device they are using. Applause helps Alexa Voice Service (AVS) device manufacturers test the functionality and usability of their devices to ensure they pass Amazon’s AVS certification and meet the growing demands of consumers.

Beskpoken Webinar

Voice interfaces are changing the rules of when and how consumers interact with brands. As a new and evolving field, making voice a valuable part of a customer’s experience is no easy task for organizations. In this webinar, Applause and Bespoken, will discuss the essentials for building five-star Alexa voice experiences.

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