Testing for Alexa Voice Service

Ensure your AVS-enabled device delivers a natural voice interface and rewarding customer experience by testing with native speakers around the globe in a variety of real-world scenarios.

Voice Testing for Your Devices

Deliver a valuable hands-free experience.

Developers and device manufacturers use Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to integrate Alexa directly into their products. Today, there are more than 20,000 AVS-enabled devices around the world, from speakers and smart TVs to vehicles and home appliances. Users who engage with Alexa expect a familiar and natural experience – regardless of what device they are using.

Although Amazon helps simplify the process for building Alexa-enabled devices, manufacturers are still responsible for building and testing voice-forward products that have a natural user interface and can reach customers around the globe. That’s where Applause real-world testing can help.

Applause enables device manufacturers to test their AVS-enabled devices with native speakers around the world, accounting for unique languages and dialects. Testing teams are curated and customized to match the device maker’s target requirements. Applause enables you to test in a variety of real-world scenarios to ensure your device brings a valuable, hands-free Alexa experience to your customers and encourages ongoing engagement.

Testing Built From Amazon’s Best Practices

The Applause solution to testing for AVS is built on best practices from Amazon’s AVS certification process. Our comprehensive approach combines:

  • Dialog Verification: Ensure your device is passing the right data to and from AVS.
  • Functional Testing: Creation, maintenance, and execution of exploratory and structured test cases and utterance-driven paths using your Alexa-enabled device.
  • AVS Certification: Ensure your newly-developed device passes the Alexa Voice Service Certification the first time. Our testers will complete self-tests, providing the documentation needed to submit to Amazon and also help ensure your device passes Amazon’s test during the product submission stage.
  • Usability Testing & Feedback: Receive detailed feedback, audio files, and expert analysis and recommendations on qualitative and subjective aspects of your Alexa-enabled device to help build an intuitive user experience.

Beskpoken Webinar

Voice interfaces are changing the rules of when and how consumers interact with brands. As a new and evolving field, making voice a valuable part of a customer’s experience is no easy task for organizations. In this webinar, Applause and Bespoken, will discuss the essentials for building five-star Alexa voice experiences.

Ready to Tackle the Complexities of Testing AVS?

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