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Release Faster, With Confidence

We help brands do it every day. How? By testing with real people in the real world. As crowdtesting pioneers, we connect the world’s greatest enterprises with the world’s largest testing community. So brands can build better, release with confidence and deliver digital experiences customers love.

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A Release Partner With an Unparalleled Approach to Digital Quality

It’s a bold statement that we proudly own

Why are we so different? Our enterprise-grade platform, our global uTest community, our shared values. Applause’s disruptive approach to testing and quality creates unparalleled scale and flexibility for our customers. How? First, we’ve built the world’s largest testing community. Over 1.7M digital experts that can match any testing demographic, configuration or experience required. This global community works hand-in-hand with the Applause team, delivering meaningful, actionable business insight to our customers daily. Unlike traditional testing companies and models (including lab-based and offshoring), we help development teams build and release better software with speed, scale and flexibility.

Supported by the broad resources of Vista Equity Partners, our vision is to be the release partner for all aspects of digital quality.

Born Out of Disruption

It’s in our DNA. From being the first crowdtesting company to putting the Metaverse through its paces, our past informs our future. Wherever digital experiences go, we’ll be there for our customers. See what we’re made of:

  • Doron Reuveni co-founds company
  • Raises 2.3 MM A Round
  • GA launch of uTest – first global testing community
  • Raises 5.2 MM B Round
  • Gartner names uTest ‘cool vendor’
  • Proliferation of mobile & digital apps fuels company’s growth
  • Raises 13 MM C Round
  • Continues to scale & expand testing services
  • Raises 17 MM D Round
  • Acquires Apphance, establishes Poland engineering presence
  • Ranks as Inc. Magazine’s 16th fastest growing company
  • Signs first strategic partner
  • Moves into new headquarters in Greater Boston
  • Acquires Testhub, establishes EU HQ in Berlin
  • Renames company Applause
  • Raises $43M E Round
  • Hits 1st $20M+ booking quarter
  • Lands 1st four seven-figure deals
  • Launches Automation, Payments & Omnichannel offerings
  • uTest community exceeds 250K testers
  • Raises $35M F Round
  • Hits $100M in bookings
  • Acquired by Vista Equity Partners
  • Launches Customer Journey & Digital Experience offerings
  • Hits $100M+ in revenue
  • Expands platform to include web & mobile automation framework
  • Launches AI & Voice offering
  • Launches AI Training & Testing offering
  • Establishes Applause Labs R&D center
  • Launches Integrated Functional Testing offering – combining value of automated + manual functional testing
  • Delivers $150M+ in revenue
  • Launches In-Sprint Testing, Open APIs & other features
  • Launches Metaverse & Crypto testing
  • Doron Reuveni becomes Board Chairman – Chris Malone promoted to CEO
  • Chris Malone takes Vista CEO environmental pledge
  • Releases Test Case Management solution to customers

Real Solutions for Every Digital Quality Challenge

From manual testing to automation, AI and voice to usability and customer experience, we’ve got it covered. Our years of know-how span the SDLC, all industries and all use cases.

We’re Relentlessly Authentic

We work hard and we play hard. We’re a smart, diverse, fun group, with a maniacal focus on customer success. Each day, we celebrate authenticity, as individuals and as a global team.

Choose Your Own Office Adventure

Whether you thrive in a high-energy, snack-fueled environment with other bright thinkers or prefer the quiet of your home office, we have a place for you.

Boston (Global HQ)

Boston (Global HQ)

Boston (Global HQ)

Berlin (EU HQ)

Boston (Global HQ)

Herzliya, Israel

Boston (Global HQ)

Warsaw, Poland

Boston (Global HQ)

Hyderbad, India

Boston (Global HQ)

Remote, Global

Don’t take our word for it

Applause is regularly recognized for its business acumen, innovative solutions, and industry-specific expertise. Take a
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Today, brands win or lose based on their digital experiences – apps need to work the first-time and everytime. Applause is proud to sit at the center of the SDLC – and to be the release partner for enterprises seeking to launch applications and products that continuously delight their end-users.

Chris Malone

Chief Executive Officer

When You Win, We Win

Learn how we help brands build better, release faster, and create the digital experiences that delight their customers and drive loyalty.

Improving confidence in fund transfers globally

Western Union banks on Applause for payment verification and QA for domestic and international transfers.

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Increasing test capacity and customer satisfaction

Applause helps Intermarché boost their e-commerce platform conversions via robust functional and payment testing.

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Bolstering the UX and enabling successful digital products

Applause augments internal QA to test digital properties with a wide range of users and mix of device configurations.

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